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Levendula + A kert konyhája könyvek


GARDEN KITCHEN: In my first book, published in 2018, there are spices and herbs in our garden, wild. can you eat plants and can you eat? I present the diversity of the use of flowers. My favorite plants and recipes made from them were captured by photographer Szendeff Lőrinc, thanks to whom a special visual world was born. Can I tell you about the meal? I also share 48 recipes made from the ingredients of the four seasons about growing, collecting, processing plants, my own pesto, herbal teas.

LAVENDER: The main character in my new book is lavender, which I have been growing for years and use in countless ways. In addition to the exciting past and old application of lavender, will I present the different? lavender varieties, lavender cultivation, harvesting, processing, multicolored? and more domestic lavender producers. All this is stamped with 30 lavender delicacy recipes. If you "flip through" the book, here you can do it.

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